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  • Model: U-16050-448-004
  • Shipping Weight: 1lbs
  • 4 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: Honda

16050-448-004 U-16050-448-004 USED SPRING VACUUM PISTON FITS
CB400TA (80) HAWK, JPN, VIN# NC03-2000001 TO NC03-2011626
CB400TA (81) HAWK, JPN, VIN# JH2NC030-BM100001
CB450SCA (82) NIGHTHAWK 450, JPN, VIN# JH2PC054-CM000015 TO JH2PC054-CM019266
CB450SCA (83) NIGHTHAWK 450, JPN, VIN# JH2PC054-DM100001 TO JH2PC054-DM102503
CB450SCA (85) NIGHTHAWK 450, JPN, VIN# JH2PC054-FM300005 TO JH2PC054-FM307113
CB450SCA (86) NIGHTHAWK 450, JPN, VIN# JH2PC054-GM400004
CB450SCAC (85) NIGHTHAWK 450, JPN, VIN# JH2PC055-FM300004 TO JH2PC055-FM301560
CB450SCAC (86) NIGHTHAWK 450, JPN, VIN# JH2PC055-GM400004
CB450TA (82) HAWK, JPN, VIN# JH2PC050-CM000001
CM400AA (79) HONDAMATIC, JPN, VIN# NC02-2000001 TO NC02-2005965
CM400AA (80) HONDAMATIC, JPN, VIN# NC02-2100001 TO NC02-2106459
CM400AA (81) HONDAMATIC, JPN, VIN# JH2NC020-BM200001
CM400CA (81) CUSTOM, JPN, VIN# JH2NC012-BM000001
CM400EA (80) MOTORCYCLE, JPN, VIN# NC01-4000009 TO NC01-4009398
CM400EA (81) MOTORCYCLE, JPN, VIN# JH2NC011-BM100001 TO JH2NC011-BM113694
CM400TA (80) MOTORCYCLE, JPN, VIN# NC01-2100001 TO NC01-2128926
CM400TA (81) MOTORCYCLE, JPN, VIN# JH2NC010-BM200001
CM450AA (82) HONDAMATIC, JPN, VIN# JH2PC052-CM000001 TO JH2PC052-CM004281
CM450AA (83) HONDAMATIC, JPN, VIN# JH2PC052-DM100001 TO JH2PC052-DM102003
CM450CA (82) CUSTOM, JPN, VIN# JH2PC051-CM000001 TO JH2PC051-CM011076
CM450EA (82) MOTORCYCLE, JPN, VIN# JH2PC053-CM000001 TO JH2PC053-CM012034
CM450EA (83) MOTORCYCLE, JPN, VIN# JH2PC053-DM100001 TO JH2PC053-DM103228

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